Football is a sport for everyone. Whether you play for a local team, coach, play professionally or just love watching the sport, it has created long lasting communities of all ages for years. So let’s take a look at the history of the game we love and how it has evolved into the game we play today. We’ll answer some questions like, who invented football? Which country did football start in? The history of football goes back to the 12th century it is a game that was played throughout world wars and is now a sport that has given us some of the most skilled and highest paid athletes in the world today. So let’s look at the evolution of football and the historic game that we get to be a part of today.

When did football start?

The game of Football as we know it is believed to have started in Greece as early as the 12th century and was played with a round leather ball. The game of football was first introduced by the Greeks in their homeland and was played on a hard smooth ground known as a Platanus. In 1878, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) was founded as an early version of the Laws of the Game (Soccer Laws), these were designed to help govern the game. It would take a few hundred years before the game’s rules were codified in its own Laws of the Game. The first two Laws of the Game (1872) were written by Walter Hampden. The first Law states: “A player shall be declared out of play and shall be off, in the case of foul play, until the ball is dead.

Around the 16th century, the game was adapted in Italy. The game was called, Valone (Fan). Some of these early teams were Milanese, Castelfranco, Turin, Trieste, Venice, and Genoa. In this version of the game, the winner of the game would be the first to possess the ball. While this was all happening, the first world wars were going on and football was used to connect and uplift soldiers. While the game of Valone remained the same, the ball had now changed in shape. This was due to the arrival of rubber in the mid 1800’s. The game of Valone was modified to the modern day football game which consisted of eleven players. During this time the balls used were also smaller than the 8.66 diameter balls we use today.

Who invented football?

So what is football? The games routes go deeper again than 12th century England. On November 15, 1863 in France, Parisian footballer, Monty Pelerin, was watching his local team play a game. He noticed a player kicked the ball to a teammate who was in front of the goal. It was considered risky at the time to kick the ball with your foot, he watched as the player kicked it up into the air and turned around to head for a second kick. Pelerin took a step towards the ball and tried to catch it but it was too fast and caught him on the head and caused his skull to fracture. Pelerin fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced brain dead. The game of football was slow to develop for many years after this incident and was commonly known as ‘foot billiards’ in France, ‘foot field-ball’ or ‘rough foot’ in the U.S., and “soccer” in Latin America.

The History of Football in the UK

Football was born in the 12th century by a priest called William of Baskerville. His goal was to unite the North and South on a grand scale by playing football, creating an alliance through sport in the hope that England could gain victory against Scotland. Football became increasingly popular as the game moved to be played on a field for better playing conditions. The “kick-off” had begun and this kicked off the first FA Cup in 1871. This event gave an opportunity to amateur teams to come together in a cup final in order to prove to their country and themselves that they were skilled and competitive.

The first ever football game

Scotland is also believed to have a strong connection to the history of football. In early Scotland, players would originally wear broad cloth covered boots on their feet with leather socks covering their ankles and wearing a leather helmet with a ball made of sheepskin around it. The teams would compete in a king of the field style tournament where the winning team would be the first to reach the goal post. The origin of the game was taken from Scottish athletics with goal posts called uprights which were placed at each end of the field and a wobbly pylons known as the “crump”. The Scottish aristocracy however hated the sport because it was associated with peasants so the first official version of the game was never played.

Football is such a fascinating and historical game, it provides people with so much excitement and time well spent with friends on and off the pitch. The game has a rich and long history that is still ongoing today that we all get to be a part of. Comment below your favourite football fact!

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