We are so excited to have signed our First Team for the upcoming season. We have a great line up and we can’t wait to finally see them in action over the next few months. It’s great to welcome back our players, both old and new as we tackle (pun intended) the challenges of the season ahead of us.

Take a look at our First Team page to learn more about our players and see if you can spot them on the pitch. It’s great to have such a diverse team of all ages with us this season, what a great example to set for our younger teams and those coming up the rankings. At Llwydcoed AFC we are more than a football team but a community as well, we believe in opportunity and bringing the best out of all our players. We’re looking forward to seeing what the boys can bring on the pitch!

Here’s a quick look at our new line up: 

Brett Davies 

Callum Luke Henry

Callum Thomas Watkins 

Calum Simons 

Cian Damen Cable 

Connor Williams 

Conor John Beasley

Cori Mabey

Cory Lee Thompson-Leighton

Craig James Williams 

David Samuel Owen 

Elliot Lloyd Morris 

Evan James Olson

Gabriel Thomas Williams 

Iestyn Farley 

Jonathon Stuart Price 

Jordan David Robert Coles

Kieran Anthony Bairstow 

Lee O’Neil 

Leo Thomas 

Levi Jones 

Liam Jones 

Lucas John Evans 

Luke Spencer 

Luke Davies 

Matthew Lee Hunt 

Matthew Doherty 

Matthew Russel Flynn 

Morgan Huw Phillips 

Robert Christopher Evans 

Scott Mitchell Walters 

Sebastian Hobbs 

Stephen Martin Jones 

Stuart David Evans 

Thomas Andrew Nethell

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